Be and Connect Lessons

The Be and Connect Lessons were designed as a paid class, but are now available to you at no cost. It is my desire for as many people as possible to learn and apply what I teach here. So please benefit from them and share them with everyone you can.

This series of six intensive training videos will help you to

  • be more connected, more understood and more influential
  • have people be more responsive to you
  • stop unintentionally pushing people away, shutting them down or creating other undesirable reactions
  • enjoy more authentic, closer relationships

Moms, these lessons will help you to

  • Be more connected and influential in the lives of your children.
  • Help them have a better experience of you so they want to be with you and listen to you
  • Gain tools to rebuild connection and resolve conflict

Be and Connect Lessons


Download the Be and Connect Lessons WORKBOOK here. (Please note, Lesson 7 is included in the workbook. I intend to add that as a bonus video lesson sometime in the future.)
Be and Connect Notebook Revised 2018-01-31

Lesson 1: How You Are Being Affects Other People

You will see how you’ve been contributing to the results you’re getting in your relationships. This awareness is foundational to making some simple changes in yourself that can make a significant difference in how people respond to you.

Continuum: move from self-focused to other focused


Lesson 2: Feelings Have Value

You’ll learn how to be with and be ok with your feelings so you can better be with the feelings of other people. It’s a profound building block for connection.

Continuum: move from disconnected from self to connected to self

Lesson 3: Examine Your Thoughts

The assumptions you unintentionally make take a toll on your relationships. You’ll learn to become aware of and manage your assumptions which will dramatically improve your experience of yourself and of other people. You will also improve other people’s experience of you, which makes you more likable and appealing to be with.

Continuum: move from auto-pilot thinking to deliberate thinking

Lesson 4: You Get What You Focus On

This lesson will help you develop a habit of focusing  on solutions instead of problems and the positive instead of the negative. You’ll see by experience why focusing on what you want gets  you more of what you want and focusing on what you don’t want gets you more of what you don’t want.

Continuum: move from focus on the negative to focus on the positive

Lesson 5: Judgment Meets Resistance

Judgment—making someone or something wrong or bad—is one of the fastest ways to break connection with people and you’re probably doing it without even realizing it. You’ll learn to cultivate compassion and curiosity which fosters connection and trust instead.

Continuum: move from assuming to compassionately curious

6: Trust the Value You Bring

This lesson brings forward all the great things about you so you can confidently show up more fully and authentically in relationships. Bring more of you into the world because you rock!

Continuum: move from holding back to grounded confidence